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    Lectures/Trunk Shows

All programs include presenting a collection of quilts. T focuses on storytelling and revealing hidden history, as well as sharing many of her "quilty tricks." 


Do you remember...wringer washing machines, enamel coffee pots, flour & feed sacks and outhouses?

Through memory quilts, T tells the story of her family's immigration to the United States from Dreispitz, Russia. She explores genealogy/ancestry through documents, photographs and oral histories, and reminisces life during the Great Depression on the Minnesota prairie, circa 1901 - 1945. Her research for this project reveals raw history, while at the same time, celebrates a rich cultural heritage of hard work, survival, laughter and love. 


This collection includes a colorful variety of quilts inspired by Native American and Indigenous history, culture and lifeways. Through star quilts, wildlife appliqué and beadwork, T shares stories passed down by the oral tradition, and exposes hidden history.  

If you select this program or the Mni To Wakpala (Blue Water Creek) program, upon request, Joe Gaines from the Choctaw Nation will provide traditional singing, drumming and a fun dance lesson!

Dakota 38

2012 marked the 150th anniversary of the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862.

Ms. Carter created the quilt/dance shawl, Dakota 38 in remembrance of the thirty-eight Dakota men who were hanged at 10:00 a.m. on December 26, 1862, at Mankato, Minnesota—the largest mass execution in the history of the United States. This horrific chapter in our history is one that is virtually unknown and/or hidden. Dakota 38 not only tells an important story that reveals hidden history, it also serves as a means to reconciliation.

Through her fiber art, she hopes to educate and encourage healing through forgiveness. Both anger and guilt paralyze, however, forgiveness has the power to help us move forward.

“forgive everyone everything”

Vernell Wabasha, Dakota

(This lectures includes power point images and one quilt)

Mni To Wakpala (Blue Water Creek)


T created this collection to tell the story of General William Harney's attack on Chief Little Thunder's (Sicangu Lakota) camp along Blue Water Creek on September 3, 1855. Her goal is to acknowledge, remember, reconcile, honor and unite. This quilt series will be a part of the 'healing the history' process. 


Binding a Quilt—with a little help from Elmer 

Full day workshop

Skill Level: All levels

Learn how to bind a quilt—creating beautifully mitered corners and making an easy (and perfect) connection at the end—using Elmer’s School Glue.


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